Ann Sherman

Ann Sherman

Parenting Matters Coordinator

Ann grew up in the Midwest, but after receiving a BS in Social Work at Purdue University, her heart quickly led her to the rugged mountains of the West. Ann counselled teenagers in West Texas and then completed a Masters in Sociology (specializing in Conflict Resolution and Diversity Issues) at CU-Boulder.

Always questioning, continually working to build strong community supports for kids and families, enthralled with what the natural world has to teach us, Ann has lived off grid for decades, worked to bring heart, soul and critical thinking to the educational system, taught Sociology courses at CU, brought the Parent Engagement Network model to Nederland, raised two children, and continues to be passionate about creating more peaceful and just ways of living together.

Ann works as the Parenting Matters Coordinator at Nederland Elementary School. In this new position, as a community initiative by TEENS INC, she teaches social and emotional skill development to children in K-5th grade and is helping to create a parent education component for young families. As a parent herself, who realizes that it takes a healthy village to raise grounded children, she yearns to be involved in creating a supportive atmosphere for all mountain families.

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