Susan Davis Churches

Susan Davis Churches

Development Director

Susan leads a wide range of fundraising and outreach initiatives for nonprofits such as TEENS, Inc. This includes annual campaigns, grants, corporate sponsorships, special events, publications, media relations and marketing.  She helped develop the Visionary Scholar Award with the University of Denver for need based students in the Liberal Arts. Susan has a unique appreciation and understanding of her clients, helping them achieve their goals, and contributing to the ongoing advancement of their organization.

Susan has exhibited her fine art work in private galleries, a Hong Kong movie production, several press conferences, corporate exhibits as well as stage designs. Susan has completed intensive language and cultural studies in France and environmental studies in New Zealand, earned a B.F.A. in fine arts and design from Colorado State University, and a certificate of studies in calligraphy while living and working in China.

She is married, parent of 2, artist, beekeeper, gardener and continues her education through various events and workshops.

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