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TeamWorks is a collaborative effort between Lincoln Hills Cares and TEENS, Inc. We aim to provide an educational work experience and the opportunity for youth to develop skills and practices useful in life; professionally, socially, and personally. Through a variety of projects, TeamWorks exposes youth to potential career paths, positive role models, different perspectives on the environment and conservation, and how it relates to their community. Crew members are exposed to and challenged to cultivate TeamWorks core tenets within the workplace, while reflecting on how to integrate them into their lives outside.  Youth are part of a TeamWorks community and are encouraged to return for multiple summers to further develop professional and leadership skills, foster a culture of environmental stewardship, and maintain lasting positive relationships.

TeamWorks Core Tenets

These core tenets provide a framework for the program and permeate most of what we do.

  • Leadership
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Professionalism
  • Healthy Risk Taking
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion

Where do the crews come from? This year we have 6 (12 person crews) from around the Front Range. Half of each crew leaves each day from a rural mountain town: Nederland, Gilpin, Idaho Springs, and Conifer.  The other half of each crew leaves from various parts of Denver Metro Area.

Who can be a crew member?  Crew Members are between 16-20 years old and willing to do physically demanding labor. You don’t have to be the strongest, just willing to push yourself and work with others. We value crew members from all backgrounds.

What type of work do we do? Throughout the summer, crews work on various conservation projects including, but not limited to: trail building, noxious weed removal, flood relief, Habitat for Humanity, urban farming, riparian restoration, and fire mitigation.

Who could I learn from and work with? Our crews work with a large variety of land managers including: the National Park Service, National Forest, local county Open Spaces, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Denver Water, and others. We also work with other nonprofits such as: Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, Children’s Farms of America, and Habitat for Humanity.  Crews have the opportunity to learn about both public lands and local community issues. Participants work alongside and learn from land managers and local activists. Crews will be exposed to a variety of career possibilities.

Why should I work for TeamWorks?

  • First year crew members start at $11.50/ hour. Returners come back at $12.50/ hour.
  • Return crew members have the opportunity to apply for a Jr. Crew Leader position.
  • We work 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday – giving you a 3 day weekend.
  • TeamWorks includes two paid educational days. One day will concentrate on conservation while the other will focus on life and job skills.
  • The opportunity to engage and learn from land management and nonprofit professionals
  • All crew members who complete a summer season after graduating high school will receive a renewable $1000 scholarship for post- secondary education. This scholarship is renewable up to 4 years, so long as a B average is maintained. (That’s $4000!)
  • Return participants are also eligible to compete for the $2500 Osprey Scholarship.

Crew Member Job Description  and  Crew Member Application

Jr Crew Leader Job Description  and   Jr Crew Leader Application

Crew Leader Job Posting   and   Crew Leader Job Application

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