New Explorers Learning Center



Started in 2019, NELC is a preschool for kids aged 2.5 through 7. The Learning Center is located in a separate facility north of TEENS, Inc. headquarters.

For parents/guardians who are seeking to enroll their children or have other preschool-related questions, please call/email the director, Karen Campbell at, or 303-258-0390. 

If you choose to enroll, we’ll begin the process by sending you an online enrollment application. Upon successful completion of your application, your child will be enrolled at New Explorer’s and placed on our waitlist.

What to Expect at New Explorers

  • We will explore nature to develop a love and respect while promoting wonder.
  • We will utilize field trips enabling us to build new skills, explore new areas (both more urban and more wild), and to meet new people.
  • We will utilize quality materials to communicate what we know, learn, understand and wonder.
  • We will work in small groups to collaborate with one another to go into greater depth on our projects and learning.
  • We will encourage and create opportunities for parents to partner with NELC teachers in their child’s education.
  • We will evaluate our efforts and work to continuously improve.

Our purpose is to provide an environment for kids that develops critical thinking skills, a love of learning, as well as an understanding and ability to manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and for children to build a foundation that leads to healthy decision making skills.

Resources for NELC Parents

January Schedule:

In January, we are starting a Unit about Identity, Diversity, Injustice, and Standing Up For What’s Right. We’re excited for our students to learn more about themselves, respecting others, living in a multicultural world, and using their voice.

We hope to expand student’s self understanding and social awareness, and help them practice relationship skills that will serve to create a more just and inclusive world for all.

Here are videos and books that your family might find useful to further these conversations:

Get more info and links in the NELC Parent Letter about our DEI unit.

More Resources:

New Explorers Learning Center (NELC) is using the Early Learning Ventures system to check children in/out each day.  Once you begin the New Explorers application process, you will be required to set up an account by visiting:

The Parent Portal is a very useful tool for parents to pay their tuition invoices, change emergency contact information, and more.  NELC staff send emails to families through this website, so please make sure you check your email regularly.   

Childcare Assistance in Boulder & Gilpin County

Often, the community members who most need high-quality child care are those who can least afford it. To broaden the accessibility to NELC to kids across the economic spectrum, we have fiscal agreements with both Boulder and Gilpin County Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP).

The Director or Assistant Director will meet with you and provide details of the CCAP eligibility process. For parents/guardians who want to begin the CCAP application in Boulder County, please visit:  You will find the necessary eligibility criteria, required forms, and more to begin the process. 

If you are a Gilpin County resident, please email the CCAP Coordinator David Josselyn,

If you are a NELC parent and you need help with your application, please contact

How You Can Help

Join the Team:

NELC is often hiring Teacher’s Aides and can always use quality substitute teachers. Please contact to inquire about the positions we have available currently.

Donate (Eligible for CCCTC Tax Credit):

 The Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit promotes child care in the state of Colorado for children ages 12 and under. Donors who make contributions to eligible child care organizations may claim a state and federal tax deduction and a state income tax credit of 50% of the total qualifying contribution. Donations made to TEENS, Inc. and designated to support New Explorers Learning Center are eligible for this credit, which allows donors to leverage larger gifts to TEENS, Inc.