Chinook West

Chinook West

Chinook West is the only contract school in Boulder Valley School District. Since 2002, we have served hundreds of students that desire a non-traditional setting to accomplish their academic goals. In 2013, Chinook West became a fully accredited school earning the highest accreditation standard through AdvancED.

Chinook West’s Mission is to promote and support each student’s educational goals and life aspirations.

Our vision is that students leave prepared to make responsible choices about emotional and personal well-being and have the life and academic skills to accomplish their goals.


 What makes Chinook West unique?

  • We have very small class sizes. Rarely is a class more than 8 students.
  • We focus on developing five Life Effectiveness skills: social competence, time management / goal setting, conflict resolution, healthy risk taking, perseverance /resiliency. We believe that these skills are essential to success in whatever path one chooses.
  • Weekly all school gatherings offer an opportunity to come together to discuss policies, make decisions, plan community days, and participate in larger discussions or prevention focused presentations.
  • Rather than have 7 or 8 classes all day, all year, Chinook West students may have 5– 6 classes per 6 week session or one class that runs all day during intensives that last 5 – 10 days.
  • Learning adventures are incorporated into the school year as an opportunity to further develop life effectiveness skills and enhance the curriculum.
  • If students are not meeting the expectations of the school community, a restorative practices approach is facilitated where students participate in the process to resolve the conflict and rebuild trust with the greater community.
  • All students have an adviser that they check in with regularly. Advisers assist with creating goals, monitoring agreements and follow through, exploring future plans and checking in about any potential life or academic stressors in the student’s life.

For more information about Chinook West please contact TEENS, Inc. at (303) 258-3821.

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