Our Mission:

TEENS, Inc. supports, educates and empowers youth & their families to make healthy choices and thrive.


Make a Difference in the Lives of Youth and Families!

Thank You!

How to donate: Click the green button above. If you feel more comfortable writing a check – please make this out to: TEENS, Inc. and mail to: POB 1070, Nederland, CO 80466


We are still hard at work! The impacts locally are great and we are stepping in wherever possible.  At TEENS, Inc., on numerous occasions we have been able to adapt to the immediate needs of the community and we are doing so once again during this unprecedented time! 

Here’s how:

  • Chinook West have moved to in-person classes. Tom, Bill, Mark, and Sandy have done incredible work getting this up and going. Advisors continue to connect with students.
  • At Lookout Mountain Academy, classes and services are continuing as they must in a residential setting.
  • Providing in-person care for families at NELC that provide engaging and educational opportunities for children while social distancing at the center.
  • Ann, our SEL Coordinator, is providing resources through Ned Mama’s Facebook page and also creating lessons that will be distributed to all Nederland Elementary families.
  • Our Mountain Strong Families Series is hosting dinner and educational (virtual) gatherings this fall.
  • We are also working to improve our preschool Colorado Shines rating from the mandated Level 1 (for new programs) towards our goal of Level 5
  • We are continuing to distribute food – and provide lunches to our Chinook students.
  • Developing a community database that connects volunteers with our most Covid19 vulnerable populations.
  • Providing our van to the Nederland food pantry for food pick up. 
  • Continuing to serve students with no cost therapeutic services.
  • Lastly, we are coordinating with other agencies in the Peak to Peak Region on how best we can enhance the services all of us offer and ensuring that our staff is available to help in this endeavor.


1997 – 2017
TEENS, Inc. celebrated 20 years!

For the past 20 years TEENS, Inc. has been committed to changing the lives of youth in the rural Nederland, CO/ Peak-to-Peak area by providing a safe, drug and alcohol free environment where youth can socialize, strengthen peer and adult relationships, develop healthy self-esteem, and master the leadership, academic and job-related skills they need to become constructive and productive members of society.

We Believe In

Youth Voices

Community Circles
Community Circles

Youth voices, perspectives, and contributions are necessary, valued and respected. We believe in youth and work with them to find expression of their own voice in their current and future endeavors. At TEENS, Inc. youth are included in governance, program development and implementation.

Believing in Possibilities

Girls Spring Trip 2013
Girls Spring Trip

We have an unending belief that with support, guidance and encouragement people can persevere and change the course of their lives for the better, despite potentially challenging and difficult circumstances.


Caring Adult Mentors
Caring Adult Mentors

We understand that the work we do is founded on the relationships that we form and we believe youth need a variety of strong adult relationships in their lives. We value and care for each other, uphold high expectations and set firm boundaries.

Honesty and Integrity

In an effort to continuously improve both personally and as an organization we are committed to speaking our truth and being true to ourselves. Whether it is with co-workers, youth or any other stakeholder, we understand that honest communication and follow through is essential to upholding personal and organizational integrity.

TEENS, Inc. is a non-profit serving youth and their families in the Nederland and surrounding area known as the Peak to Peak region.