Youth Employment

Youth Employment

Peer Supervisors

TC2015-4TEENS, Inc. employs five youth employees to work at the Teen Center after school,  Monday through Friday.  The employed teens participate in job readiness trainings such as interview practice and resume building, learn practical work skills including answering phones and building maintenance, and engage teens in games and activities.  They also facilitate multiple teen councils, leading and teaching teens about an activity they’re passionate about. Peer Supervisors are asked to pick two life effectiveness skills to improve upon and develop goals and objectives to track that improvement.  By the end of their employment at TEENS, Inc., peer supervisors will have the skills needed to be successful in their future job and academic pursuits.

TEENS, Inc. Youth Corps (TYC)

jpw-myc-backpacking-editTEENS, Inc. Youth Corps (formerly MYC) is a summer youth employment program for teens ages 14 – 20.  Crews consist of at least 5 teens and one adult supervisor.  Since 2005 TEENS, Inc. Youth Corps has treated over 767 acres of noxious weeds on public and private land.  In 2006, TEENS, Inc. Youth Corps won the Environmental NOVA award from the Boulder Community Foundation for its partnership with the U.S. Forest Service. We are currently a member of the 21st Century Conservation Corps. Youth employees increase perseverance and resiliency while learning career and life skills including teamwork and collaboration, careful attention to detail, interview skills, and social skills.

TYC is available to hire for your summer projects and can do just about anything that does not involve extensive use of power tools: slash removal, yard clean up, noxious weed removal, painting, etc.  The cost is $105 per hour.  We guarantee 5 teens and one supervisor.

To schedule or find out more information contact Stefani Davidson at or call at (303) 258-3821

Junior Supervisor TYC Application

TYC Crew Application

Lincoln Hills TeamWorks


Lincoln Hills TeamWorks is a collaborative creation of TEENS, Inc. and Willow Education Services. TeamWorks fuels intrinsic motivation, personal accountability, communication and collaboration, scientific reasoning and critical thinking in the youth we work with to propel them toward a successful academic and professional path. Taking place on the gorgeous property of Lincoln Hills in Gilpin County, TeamWorks is an eight week long summer employment program. The program hires youth from both the Peak-to-Peak Region and the Denver metro area to participate in conservation work and noxious weed removal, develop job readiness skills such as resume building and interview skills, and create and execute a scientifically-based project meant to conserve and enhance the natural environment. All participants receive a $1000 scholarship for post- secondary education that is renewable if participants maintain a B average.

TeamWorks Crew Member Application

TeamWorks Jr.Supervisor Application

LHC logo BlueTeamWorks is made possible by the generous support of Lincoln Hills Cares – thank you.